Our Competence

The activity of a gene starts with synthesis of mRNA. Understanding of mRNA expression and its regulation recently has been moving forward very fast. RNA silencing of gene function and regulatory small RNA are hallmarks of these exiting new biological insights. However, expression of gene function often results in protein translation from mRNA. Proteins are the molecular machines determining and driving cells fate and function. The macromolecules DNA, RNA and proteins together with lipids and sugars are subject to Anacyte´s interest.



Only strict maintenance of in vivo state of cells and tissue is able to give deep insights into cellular functions. Normally, scientists attempt to avoid artifacts by deep freezing or harsh fixation methods like formaldehyde crosslinking, both of which in no case leave a molecule in its natural state. In contrast, Anacyte products “freeze” native state of cells and tissue without low temperature freezing or formaldehyde artifacts. Due to functionality and reliability of Anacyte products, Anacyte Laboratories sets a new standard in preparing specimens for bio-molecular analyses. Anacyte - passion for molecules.